3 Ways to see ourselves as God sees us

3 Ways to see ourselves as God sees us

He wants you to feel peace

1. When you make a mistake or do something wrong, through the Holy ghost, God inspires you to repent, to become better, to change and to feel peace in your heart again. When you make a mistake or do something wrong, Satan likes making you feel ashamed, hopeless, he puts thoughts in your mind that are negative such as, there is no way out, your a bad person, that you are unchangeable and what is the use in trying because you are incapable of overcoming your mistake. Remember if you mistake, turn towards God, he will give you strength and lift you up above your weakness. 

God loves you and knows you

2. God is your Heavenly Father. You are His precious child. He is the creator of your soul, He knows you by name. He loves you unconditionally. If you put your faith and trust in Him, He will always want and know what is best for you because He wants you to return home back to Him. Your worth to God never changes. Your worth was determined before you ever came to earth. You are everything to God. God's love for you is infinite and eternal. You don't have to earn it. God wants you to see yourself and others as he sees you. Satan wants you to be miserable like unto himself, he deceives you by telling you there is no one in the world who knows who you are or what you're going through. He wants to make you feel alone, abandoned, unloved, and forgotten. He wants you to feel like you aren't worthy of love.  Look up, look around you, God made everything for man! For You! He cares for you deeply. He is there, you need only to seek Him. 

You were made in His image

3. God gave you a gift of a body. One that was made in His image, one that can make beautiful and miraculous things happen. One that can help others. Satan likes to distort our minds about our gift of a body, he wants us to lean into carnal desires for immediate gratification, he wants to objectify our bodies and belittle them because he doesn't have one. He wants us to mistreat it as if there is no value to it at all. Our bodies are a gift from God. Love them. Nourish them. Build them up. Use them for good. 



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