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Mid-Singles in the Stake


Are "Mid-Singles"?

Mid-singles are single adults ages 31-45 (plus or minus a few years). The goal of this program is to create MORE opportunities for likeminded people, both men and women, who are similar in age and experience to connect, enjoy, encourage, and laugh with one another as they each individually seek the "Abundant Life." If you know many mid-singles already, come. If you know two people, come. If you don' know anyone, come! Come and see how this program can impact you and those around you. This program is in addition to the "Young Single Adult" program, which is ages 18-30, and the"Single Adult" program, which includes single adults, all ages, 31 and older. Members should attend ANY and ALL Single Adult Program Activities where they feel most comfortable and included. This means that attending activities in other programs, in addition to MSA events, is encouraged and supported.

I've never heard of this, is it something new?

It is! Get ready for a new and amazing experience with the Mid-Single Adult program. This is the right fit for any single adult, ages 31-45, who wants more opportunities to connect with others closer to their same age and life experience. You may not know it, or even believe it, but you're surrounded by so many just like you. The Fresno Stake is making these connections happen! All likeminded mid-singles, from any area, stake, member or not is welcome. Think of all of the new, positive, and uplifting people you'll meet along your way to an "Abundant Life"—try it out, you don't have anything to lose but everything to gain!

What activities can I expect?

Opportunities . . . and lots of them! Everyone has their own interests, group comfort, energy levels, and schedules. The Fresno Stake MSA Program has built variety into what we do. Find what fits for you!

  • Wednesdays Wind-Downs: Mid-week, low-key meetups in the early evening for a local dessert, appetizer, or even just a milkshake.
  • Temple Meet & Eat: Every other month, come to a temple session, the good eats nearby, or both!
  • Meet-Ups & Socials: Restaurant Rush, hikes, movie nights, community events, lake and beach trips, formal or informal—all the work's done, just show up and enjoy!
  • Mid-Single Sacrament Meeting & Linger Longer: Coming soon!

Find opportunities to...


Shake off the social dust and become the YOU that you want to be. Wherever you have been in life, and whatever your life experience, let yourself resurface and try something new! New paths and connections are ahead, so let the adventure begin!

Meet and Connect

You are not alone, and there are more mid-singles than you think!  Give yourself a break, let yourself laugh, and enjoy the little things. Find others with similar life experience, current life challenges, and build a strong support system…see and be an example of making it work while having some fun too!

See, Feel, and Spread Joy

Joy, laughter, friendship, and amazing experiences  are possible and can be felt by every mid-single adult. There IS joy, no matter the journey...come and experience it along with us!

Check Out

Upcoming Events

Check out the activities on the calendar! Some require advanced notice, or purchased discounted tickets, so make sure to read all information carefully in case there's a sign up. For others, just "meet up" and enjoy the group...it wouldn't be the same without you! We can't wait to see you out there.

Things to Think About

Mid-Single Sponsored Events & Conferences Nearby

Stretch your wings, hear some amazing speakers, and see who's out there at these nearby events!

Northern CA Single Adult  Conference:

Join us for a August 31-September 4, Labor Day Weekend, filled with incredible events and fun. Explore some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s finest venues, and enjoy inspiring speakers, engaging workshops, and world-class entertainment – all while making meaningful connections and creating memories of a lifetime! Together, let’s make this the most spiritually edifying, socially rewarding, and intellectually stimulating singles event of 2023!

Click Here for More NorCal Conference Information and Registration 

Orange County Single Adult Conference:

Join us August 3 - 7, 2023 in Orange County, California for an uplifting weekend filled with friends, fun, service and education! Southern California’s largest and longest-running 31+ (All Age) Singles Conference draws hundreds of single members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from all over the world, for an incredible 4-day (with optional 5th day on Monday) conference filled with spiritually uplifting speakers, fun activities, and fantastic opportunities to reconnect and make memories with old friends and create meaningful new connections! 

Click Here for More OC Conference Information and Registration