Summer Nights: For Young Men

The Fresno Stake will be hosting three Summer Nights activities and devotionals for Young Men. These activities will boost testimony through powerful firesides, increase unity through fun activities, and increase blood sugar levels through lots of great food. 

Youth are required to register at:

DAY 1 - Thursday, June 16th:
8pm - Drop off at DEFY (Clovis)
8:15pm - Fireside
8:45pm - Open Jump/Play
10:30pm - Pick up at DEFY (Clovis)
**Tacos will be served in the parking lot from 8:45-10pm.

DAY 2 - Friday, June 17th:
8pm - Drop off at Alluvial Building
8:15pm - Fireside
8:45pm - Glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag (walk over to Kastner/Lincoln)
10:30pm - Pick up from Alluvial Building
**Food will be served at the Alluvial Building after Capture the Flag.

DAY 3 - Saturday, June 18th:
7pm - Drop off at John's Incredible Pizza
7pm - Dinner in private room and games
8:15pm - Short wrap-up devotional
8:30pm - Pick up from John's Incredible Pizza (rides provided to quad stake dance for youth who are old enough)
**Each boy will be provided with 60 credits for playing games. Additional credits can be purchased directly from the venue. If old enough to attend quad stake dance, rides will be provided from John's Incredible Pizza to Fresno North Stake Center. Otherwise, youth need to be picked up at 8:30pm.

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